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biaxial cnc machine

Do a good job of daily maintenance of the biaxial cnc machine, and require the biaxial cnc machine operator to read the biaxial cnc machine manual in detail to understand the biaxial cnc machine. What we teach you is that the specific content and requirements for daily maintenance of different types of lathes are not exactly the same, but the basic principle of maintenance is the same, so the biaxial cnc machine can be fixed and regularly checked and maintained.

1. Check the biaxial cnc machine before connecting it to the power supply

2. Check the cutting fluid storage tank.

3. Lubricating oil tank. Observe the oil level and refuel in time. The fuel tank is usually located on the left side of the machine or on the right side of the flat box.

4. Protective device. Remove debris and dirt from the cutting area protector with a soft cloth.

2. Check the CNC lathe after connecting the power supply

1. Hydraulic control system. Observe the oil level of the oil target and whether the oil injection technology is normal. The hydraulic operating system oil standard is usually located on the headstock.

2. Knife change system. Turn the tool holder to check its correct position.

3.CRT display and operation panel. Pay attention to the alarm display and indicator light display.

4. Strong current cabinet and CNC cabinet. Check whether the cooling fan controller is normal and whether the cabinet door needs to be closed. The cooling fan is usually located on the side or behind the machine tool.

5. Headstock. Observe the development of spindle operation, pay attention to their own sound, temperature. Numerical control technology system maintenance

The daily maintenance requirements of the biaxial cnc machine numerical control system are clearly specified in the maintenance instructions when using the numerical control system. In summary, please pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Strictly abide by the operating procedures and daily management, maintain the social system.

2. The doors of CNC cabinets and high pressure cabinets should be opened as little as possible.

3. Clean the numerical control heat dissipation and ventilation management system regularly. The specific analysis method of cleaning is as follows:

1. Unscrew and remove the air filter.

2. While gently vibrating the filter, use compressed air to blow the dust in the air filter from inside out.

3. When the filter is too dirty, it can be washed (but not scrubbed) with a neutral detergent (the ratio of detergent to water is 5/95), and then placed in the shade of the environment for drying.

4. Check and replace the DC brush regularly.

5. Continuously monitor the power grid voltage of the CNC system. Generally, CNC lathe CNC control systems allow grid voltage fluctuations of 15% and 1 plus 10% of the rated value.

6. Replace the battery regularly. In general, the battery should be replaced once a year to ensure that the system can work properly even if the battery is not faulty. In addition, in the state of the power numerical control system, attention should be paid to replacing the battery, so as not to cause the loss of storage parameters. If the parameters are lost, you can re-enter them after replacing the battery.

7. Maintain the spare circuit board. The printed circuit board is prone to failure if it is idle for a long time. Therefore, the spare board purchased should be periodically installed in the CNC system of the CNC lathe and run for a period of time to prevent damage.

biaxial cnc machine


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Scheduled maintenance saves time and money*: Scheduling regular maintenance sessions can help identify and address potential issues before they become major problems. This proactive approach can save time and money by reducing the need for costly repairs, minimizing production downtime, and ensuring optimal machine performance and accuracy.