How to Spiral YO book printing large size carton tall?

Spiral YO book printing

When you see a high-end Spiral YO book printing product, the first time you will think that the product it is packaged must be high-end, because businesses can not spend a lot of time on a very low-grade product packaging, because businesses will calculate the product's consumption cost, color box design cost, profit and so on.

In order to make the color box high-end, Spiral YO book printing usually pay attention to the following points:

Spiral YO book printing first select the data

As a senior Spiral YO book printing factory, we often use hundreds of kinds of imported special paper. When it comes to special paper, customers may not understand that special paper is a paper with special uses and small output, and most of it is imported. There are many varieties of special paper, and its biggest feature is that it is beautiful, even if it is just a piece of paper, so that the waste box, often make people feel simple and generous.

Spiral YO book printing followed by the process

Speaking of special paper, special paper as a color box color box material, will appear on the level, speaking of special paper, if the special paper is matched with the appropriate process, such as: hot stamping \ silver, bump, UV, etc., more can complement each other, deep impression. Senior printing and packaging companies know how to cleverly match.

Spiral YO book printing The final box

High-end color box, box type is often a bright, wow, this box shape is very special, this is what we call a shaped box, a novel style of the box is the need for the construction of designers carefully designed, designers usually need a strong sense of space plane, and to understand the thickness of various materials of paper, so, So that the box is not too tight or too loose.

Spiral YO book printing


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Usman Danjuma Mustapha 5 w

Use a reinforced spiral coil and sturdy covers_: To ensure the spiral binding can hold the weight of the large carton, use a reinforced spiral coil and sturdy covers. You can also add additional support, such as cardboard inserts or reinforced corners, to prevent the carton from bending or breaking. This will help maintain the structural integrity of the bound carton