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Pixelverse + PixelTap / Earn now $PIX + $FI = Airdrop reward $PIXFI token

If anyone doesn’t know, the projects are related to each other, in the telegram bot #pixeltap we earn FI daily, and on the #pixelverse website we earn PIX, at the end of the Airdrops we will receive a PIXFI token.

PixelTap: https://t.me/pixelversexyzbot?start=5291701274 Claim every 8h, Daily reward, Daily combo, Fight, complete tasks, earn more $FI

PixelVerse: https://dashboard.pixelverse.x....yz/?ref=hcliuairhe&a Register (code: hcliuairhe ), take Pets, Claim daily, complete tasks, earn more $PIX